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At CareerCatapult I offer the very best resume and career products found anywhere to craft winning resumes and catapult careers, previously only available to professional resume writers and career coaches to use with their clients. However, my products do such a fantastic job of putting candidates in the top percentage of candidates that I’ve decided to make them available to everyone who wishes to develop their resume themselves (see Jobseeker Products) or needs an expert to handle it for them (see Jobseeker Services).

Here’s my guarantee and my story of how my groundbreaking resume and career products came to be:

I GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION with all products on this site or will refund 100% of your money if they don’t help you receive interviews. Simply return it within 30 days along with your completed resume you prepared from the DIY Resume Writing Kit or other product, and you will receive a full refund. There’s no risk to you. Alternatively, you may email your prepared resume for a full critique to find out what you can do to make it better. Here’s a third option: Find anything on the entire Internet that comes close to what CareerCatapult offers, and you will receive the DIY Resume Writing Kit for FREE. 


OVER THE COURSE OF TWO DECADES, my award-winning resume products and exemplary career services have been tried and tested and exceeded my, my clients’, hiring managers’, and my colleagues’ expectations. They came about, for example, when—from my ad agency background—I knew branding worked and developed my Designer Resume line, when I needed to resolve challenges in my own resume-writing and career-coaching business and developed my Career Worksheets For All Professions for my own client use, when I found an intrinsic career-related need that was not addressed elsewhere such as my Standardized Resume Critique Form, or when I was requested to make something available to the career industry.

My Designer Resumes that personally brand clients visually result in them getting called over other applicants in the hundreds and even thousands because they professionally stand out and are read first. Hiring managers have stated that they are the best presentations they have seen and stop looking after they read my clients’ resumes. The making of that first product in 1996 was requested by The National Resume Writers’ Association’s President. Hesitantly at first, I agreed to share my secret with other career practitioners to use for their clients.

In 2004 I realized I was spending way too much time with clients who had difficulty coming up with all of the information I needed to write their resumes the absolute best. I had to do something to get more quantifiable information from my clients, so I developed my Career Worksheets For All Professions for my own client use. When they worked so well and helped my clients get exorbitantly more interviews than the norm, I extended them to resume writers and career coaches around the world. Because the worksheet questions are so specific to each industry, their resumes leave no stone unturned in making them shine. As a result, clients attain more interviews more often and got hired more quickly.

The Career Worksheet in your specific field is included in my DIY Resume Writing Kit (see list of all available professions) along with my Resume ClipBullets™ also in your profession, that contain prewritten, completely customizable Professional Experience bullets and practically write the resume for you. Also included are my two published books, Step-by-Step Resumes and Step-by-Step Cover Letters that teach you exactly how to write an interview-generating resume (no other books on the market do that), and the world’s largest 18,000+ Resume Keywords resource available in 2200 positions.

I PUT THOUSANDS OF HOURS OF RESEARCH AND WRITING into my projects so you don’t have to. Since my revolutionary resume products include every career imaginable, it not only makes writing your resume a cinch, but you can develop the absolute best resume possible—as if it was developed by a Certified Resume Writer with years of experience, in fact—and saves you hundreds of dollars, not to mention preparation time. Two of these products have received the Career Innovator Award (in 2009 and 2010).

Today, CareerCatapult products are used by colleges and universities;
the US Army,Navy, and Air Force bases; state Departments of Labor; libraries;
even churches and specialized groups; as well as hundreds of professional
resume writers, career coaches, and jobseekers around the world.

Advertising-agency bred, I am also the global forerunner in web portfolio development where I create and/or complement my clients’ positive online identities to help them get hired sooner. Since 88% of hiring managers now check your online identity before calling you for an interview or making a job offer, I highly recommend you develop your personal brand and web portfolio to help you receive more calls for interviews and job offers that you may not otherwise even know existed.

I INVITE YOU TO REVIEW MY ONLINE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES CATALOG and select the items that best fit your needs. All products are comprehensive, yet very easy to use with step-by-step directions. Products work for everyone—from entry level through executives in all professions.

My DIY Resume Writing Kit is the one I’d recommend you get your hands on because the components address precisely your profession and position. Basically, you just have to check off options and fill in the blanks. It’s that simple. It includes the Career Worksheet in your profession, Resume ClipBullets™, all Resume Keywords for your position (required so your resume isn’t screened out from the get-go), my Step-by-Step Resumes and/or Step-by-Step Cover Letters books, and 24 Designer Resume Template selections to build your resume within.

I know my products will help you, too. And you can try before you buy: See SAMPLES page. Check them out and if you’d like to order, you have nothing to lose, as I will refund your money if for some reason you find they do not work for you. I look forward to hearing from you with any questions you may have or to take your order. You can download and complete the Order Form and email it to me at CareerCatapult@aol.com, and you will be on your way to catapulting your career! 


      Warm regards,

      Evelyn U. Salvador, NCRW, JCTC

       Nationally Certified Resume Writer

       Internationally Certified Job and Career Transition Coach

       Business and Personal Branding Strategist and Marketer

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