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3. Review bullets under each related function, select the ones most relevant to client’s experience, and fill in with their information.

     SAMPLE BULLETS FOR ONE FUNCTION: Scope of Responsibility

  1. Bullet    Develop and lead cross-functional online [retailing / marketing / other: ________] initiatives and the creative and technical staffs to successfully deploy those initiatives including [site analytics / market research / competitive analysis / site functionality / Internet search / other: ________].

  2. Bullet    Lead and direct successful online acquisition campaigns and key customer acquisition channels through __________ [what methods?] to generate sales and maximize profits for this $________ [revenues] __________ [type of] firm.

  3. Bullet    Deliver e-commerce growth in __________ [what area(s)] through the development and execution of successful [e-commerce / e-business / e-retail / business-to-business / e-mail marketing / Internet marketing / pay-per-click advertising / blog / other: __________] projects.

  4. Bullet    Create and deliver quality technical products and build profitable strategic partnerships for this $__________ [revenues]  __________ [type of] firm which provides __________ [type of] services to __________ [what market?].

  5. Bullet    Direct and lead interactive [marketing / media / Internet / advertising / promotional] campaigns that meet [business missions / marketing plans / e-marketing goals / performance objectives].

  6. Bullet    Drive [consumer engagement / customer acquisition / Internet sales] across the firm’s online storefronts by improving [visual performance / search traffic numbers / consumer experience / conversion rates / site functionality / other: __________] on all web pages and links.

  7. Bullet    Identify and execute new online marketing avenues including __________ [what?] that are consistent with [product / brand] positioning strategies for this __________ [type of] firm that serves the __________ [which?] [market / industry].

  8. Bullet    Plan, execute, and lead the firm’s [integrated marketing programs / e-marketing efforts / global channel marketing plans / virtual marketing outreach programs / online consumer tracking and analysis / other: ________] to [increase consumer awareness / generate leads / capture greater market share / increase online sales / support the firm / other: ________] through effective [market analysis / competitive analysis / competitive market intelligence / site analytics / affiliate marketing programs / online strategic partnerships / partner marketing strategy / brand promotion / marketing materials / sales presentations / other: ________].

  9. Bullet    Develop, implement, and manage the firm’s [media planning strategies / global brand concepts / advertising campaigns / visual merchandising initiatives / other: __________] to drive consumer communication concepts.

  10. Bullet    Lead, manage, and sustain the firm’s website including its [marketing plan / site (and blog) content / page layout and design / editorial style / ease of use / technical development / functionality / currency / effectiveness / feature stories / cataloguing / animation / panoramic tours / transaction processing / web localization / implementation of new products and services / other: __________], ensuring the overall site is consistent with the firm’s [corporate identity / marketing goals / e-marketing plans / business missions].

  11. Bullet    Spearhead [lead generation / direct marketing / brand promotion / site quality control / other: _________] programs to maximize exposure and ensure [functionality performance / timely, accurate deployment of new products / other: __________].

  12. Bullet    Direct all aspects of [e-Marketing / e-Retailing / e-Commerce / Internet Marketing / Website development / other: __________] for this [e-Commerce / online] retailer including [visual merchandising / site promotion / strategic planning / overall site experience / consumer acquisition / brand positioning / other: _________].

  13. Bullet    Manage and oversee the firm’s Internet marketing efforts including [Web site design and development / partnership marketing / product merchandising / customer acquisition / other: _________].

  14. Bullet    Direct and oversee the gambit of e-marketing and associated outreach activities designed to drive and sustain website traffic and sales including [affiliate programs / partnership marketing / content integration programs / e-mail marketing programs / other: _______] and other [business-building activities / acquisition and retention marketing efforts / other: ________].

  15. Bullet    Merchandise and manage the firm’s [primary / multiple] website(s), www.__________[URL(s)], including strategizing and overseeing its [product merchandising / site analysis and navigation / promotion management / consumer engagement / visual merchandising / order facilitation / transaction processing / other: __________].

4.  Select options and fill in the blanks with your client information.


  1.     Plan, execute, and lead the firm’s integrated marketing programs, e-marketing efforts, and online consumer tracking and analysis that increase consumer awareness, generate leads, and capture greater market share through effective market and competitive analyses, site analytics, online strategic partnerships, and brand promotion.

  2.     Spearhead lead generation, direct marketing, and site quality control programs to maximize exposure and ensure functionality performance as well as timely, accurate deployment of new products.

5.  Do the same with remainder of your client’s functions and paste bullets right into resume under applicable employer.


1.  Select appropriate profession-specific CD and
     position-specific document for client position.

     CD: Advertising & Printing

    POSITION: Internet Marketing Director / Manager


  1. Customer Acquisition Manager

  2. Direct Marketing Manager

  3. Director of Online Acquisition

  4. Director of Product Marketing

  5. Director, e-Retailing

  6. Director, Interactive Marketing

  7. Director, Internet Marketing

  8. Director, Internet Production and Design

  9. Director, Online Stores

  10. e-Marketing Director

  11. e-Marketing Manager

  12. Field Marketing Manager

  13. Internet Marketing Director

  14. Internet Marketing Manager

  15. Marketing Programs Manager

  16. Marketing Project Manager

  17. Online Direct Marketer

  18. Online Marketing Manager

  19. Regional Marketing Manager

  20. Search Engine Marketing Executive

  21. Search Engine Marketing Manager

  22. Search Engine Optimization Manager

  23. Senior Marketing Manager

  24. Web Marketing Manager

  25. Other Related Positions

2.  Identify which functions client handled in that position.


  1. BulletScope of Responsibility (first bullet)

  2. BulletProducts or Services Sold on the Internet

  3. BulletSample Internet Marketing Achievements

  4. BulletBudget Development & Control

  5. BulletMarket Research & Analysis Management

  6. BulletPolicies & Procedures Development

  7. BulletWebsite Advertising

  8. BulletPay-per-click Advertising

  9. Bullete-Marketing

  10. Bullete-Commerce

  11. BulletDemand Generation Strategy & Execution

  12. BulletCustomer Profiling / Sales Leads Qualifying

  13. BulletProspect Marketing Database Development

  14. BulletSuccessful Lead Nurturing Approaches

  15. BulletWebsite Products Development

  16. BulletBusiness-to-Business Leads Generation & Customer Acquisition

  17. BulletWebsite Product  Sales Increases

  18. BulletWebsite Design & Development Management

  19. BulletSales & Marketing Initiatives

  20. BulletNew Products or Brands Launched

  21. BulletProduct Visibility Improvement

  22. BulletAdvertising Design & Implementation

  23. BulletBrand Management Scope

  24. BulletBrand Planning

  25. BulletBrand Development & Establishment

  26. BulletBrand Visibility

  27. BulletStrategic Brand Marketing

  28. BulletNew Market Development / Market Leadership Establishment

  29. BulletIncreased Market Share

  30. BulletIncreased Sales, Revenues & Profitability

  31. BulletTechnology Upgrades

  32. BulletRecruiting & Developing a Winning Team

  33. BulletStaff Management

  34. BulletStaff Training & Development

  35. BulletStaff Motivation & Team Influence

2007-present: Internet Marketing Director

ABC Company, Atlanta, GA

  1.     Plan, execute, and lead the firm’s integrated marketing programs, e-marketing efforts, and online consumer tracking and analysis that increase consumer awareness, generate leads, and capture greater market share through competitive market intelligence, site analytics, online strategic partnerships, and brand promotion.

  2.     Spearhead lead generation, direct marketing, and site quality control programs to maximize exposure and ensure functionality performance as well as timely, accurate deployment of new products.

  3.     Develop and monitor the e-Commerce action plan that supports the e-Commerce strategy, new business processes, and firm’s overall marketing plan.

  4.     Drive and sustain data mining efforts and sales from email databases and Internet advertising by developing market data segmentation, optimizing email deliverability, enhancing customer communication process, and gaining a greater understanding of the targeted consumer population.

  5.     Assess and evaluate market trends, consumer needs, demographic data, and customer product feedback to identify market opportunities for current and future products.

  6.     Plan and develop consumer acquisition and retention strategies, develop marketing plans and activities to address those strategies, measure the effectiveness of initiatives, and re-engineer plans as indicated.

  7.     Hired and developed a talented, action-oriented Internet Marketing staff with exceptional minds and extensive skills sets who are passionate about Internet Marketing.

  8.     Work with Internet Marketing Manager to create lead-generating pay-per-click landing pages that increase sales and minimize the possibility of click fraud.


  1.     Generated $2.5 million in business-to-business sales by strategizing, developing, and executing innovative digital demand generation tactics, sophisticated matrices, lead qualification models, complex test plans, and high lead capture through multiple channels.

  2.     Expanded product visibility 63% in just 3 months through effective market research, site analytics, search engine optimization, and consumer acquisition programs.

  3.     Increased firm’s monthly website search traffic 275% (from 10,000 to 37,500) and order conversion rate from 15% to 37% by developing effective test strategies; meeting cost-per-acquisition targets; implementing effective affiliate programs; and creating, tracking, evaluating, and modifying online advertising programs.

  4.     Championed a flexible and accessible prospect-marketing database of 20 million consumers that identifies and targets more qualified prospects and generates high quality sales leads by developing effective demand generation casting tools.

  5.     Optimized landing pages that improved lead capture 23% and generated higher quality leads by linking Google’s Adwords directly to site’s sales-focused offer pages resulting in capturing higher quality leads.

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