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At CareerCatapult I offer my colleagues the very best resume and career products found anywhere to craft winning resumes and catapult your clients’ careers, while simultaneously streamlining your entire operations and growing your business. Here’s my guarantee and my story as to how CareerCatapult started:


with any product on this site. If for any reason you
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Hi. I’m Evelyn Salvador, Founder of CareerCatapult, Certified Resume Writer and Career Coach, Personal Branding pioneer, author, and award-winning industry leader who has helped standardize the resume writing industry with award-winning products. 

OVER THE COURSE OF TWO DECADES, my groundbreaking resume and career products have been tried and tested and exceeded my, my clients’, hiring managers’, and my colleagues’ expectations. They came about when I needed to resolve challenges in my own business. Or when I found an intrinsic need that was not addressed elsewhere (such as my Standardized Resume Critique Form). Or when I was requested to make something available to the industry.

Such as my Designer Resume line that personally brands clients visually, resulting in them getting called over other applicants in the hundreds and even thousands because they professionally stand out and are read first. The making of that first product was requested by Marty Weitzman, NRWAs* first President, and Laura DeCarlo (now CDIs* Director), at one of NRWAs then regular meetings in New York City in 1996 when they saw my client resumes portfolio. 

Or in 2004 when after 14 years of resume writing, I got totally burnt out taking in more clients than I could turn around resumes. I needed to be able to receive more quantifiable information from my clients without having to pull teeth. I realized there was a better way. Scientifically-minded, I knew I just had to figure it out.

MY CHALLENGE: To turn one-hour consults packed into as few quality client minutes as possible. Thirty minutes was my goal. A 5-to-10 minute average was the result. And that includes the pitch, the sale, the strategy, the credit card swipe, and the detailed profession-specific Career Worksheet I email to my clients. 

I SURPASSED MY GOAL AND WAS THRILLED. And the solution to that challenge resulted in the development of my Career Worksheets For All Professions for resume writers and career coaches (which won the Career Innovator Award 2010). To my surprise, though, the benefits didn’t stop there…

  1. My resume writing time also decreased—from a total of 4.5 hours per client resume down to 2.5 hours on average (a 45% time reduction) on the whole. But only 45 minutes to extrapolate and compile complete resumes, followed by the editing stage. Since I wrote the questions in resume jargon, I simply joined the questions with the answers and made my resume bullets. Quick. Simple. Took the drudgery out of resume writing. You just have to edit.

  2. Because my worksheet questions are so specific to each industry, clients provided better information and the quality of my writing also improved. As a result, clients received more interviews more often and got hired more quickly.

  3. My income increased 33% in the first year I used the Career Worksheets because the streamlined work process allowed me to get more work done in less time and I had more time to take on additional clients. 

  4. My favorite benefit of all though is that I had more relaxed time for myself and for quality of life. When I got super busy again, I just raised my prices and took on more value-appreciative clients, which catapulted my sales further.

WHEN I REALIZED THAT THESE TYPES OF SOLUTIONS could help all career practitioners, over the years I developed a line of innovative Resume and Career Products that cover a broad spectrum of your business, helping you to serve your clients better while exponentially growing your business. Such as my Resume Writer System-in-a-box™ that contains everything you need to start up and run or grow your resume writing practice. (This product won the Career Innovator Award 2009).

And my Resume ClipBullets™ that contain prewritten, completely customizable professional experience bullets for all professions and situations that practically write the resume for you. And the Client and Business Forms CD that contains every type of form your practice might ever need. Along with my two published how-to books, Step-by-Step Resumes and Step-by-Step Cover Letters and the world’s largest 18,000+ Resume Keywords resource, among other valuable tools you will find here.

I PUT THOUSANDS OF HOURS OF RESEARCH AND WRITING into my projects so you don’t have to. Colleagues tell me that CareerCatapult products have increased their productivity 70% and grew their business 500%. They also help them close more sales because they have solid information readily available about every career imaginable (2200 to be exact). They call CareerCatapult products “a miracle,” “brilliant,” “pioneering,” “gotta-haves,” and “don’t know how I functioned without them.”

Today, CareerCatapult products are used by colleges and universities;
the US Army, Navy, and Air Force bases; state Departments of Labor; libraries;
even churches and specialized groups; as well as hundreds of professional
resume writers, career coaches, and jobseekers around the world.

AD-AGENCY BRED as a Graphic Designer and Creative Director, I also offer business branding solutions that help you start up or grow your business via content writing and design of anything you can imagine or need such as logos and slogans, websites, brochures, photo retouching, your business and personal co-existing brands, and the like. Also, as a global forerunner in web portfolio development, I help you build your clients’ positive online identities while providing you with a 25% revenue stream on all sales with no work on your part.

I INVITE YOU TO REVIEW MY ONLINE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES CATALOG and select the items that best fit your and/or your clients’ needs. All products are comprehensive, yet very easy to use. Products work for everyone—from entry level through executives in all professions. I know my products will help you, too. And you can try before you buy: See SAMPLES page. Check them out and try them in your practice. And if you’d like to order, you have nothing to lose as they are 100% guaranteed.

My business consultation advice to colleagues is always gratis. So if you ever have a question or want to pass an idea by an expert, just call me. I always enjoy talking with and assisting my colleagues about anything that’s on your mind. I look forward to hearing from you with any questions you may have or to take your order. Just give me a call at 631-698-7777 or shoot me an email to CareerCatapult@aol.com.  


      Warm regards,

      Evelyn U. Salvador, NCRW, JCTC

       Nationally Certified Resume Writer

       Internationally Certified Job and Career Transition Coach

       Business and Personal Branding Strategist and Marketer

Personal Letter & Guarantee to My Career Practitioner Colleagues

*NRWA = National Resume Writers’ Association  |  CDI = Career Directors International

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