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Your Business Brand Message

Your Business Brand Message is what will sell you—or not. Having a well-defined brand is the most critical thing you can do to grow your business and compel prospects to seek you out as it sets you and your value apart from others.

Evelyn works one on one with each of her colleague clients to identify, define, and finitely write and edit your brand message so that it is the best it can be to represent who you and your business are in the best possible light so you receive more sales more often. She can also write and/or design your business materials to maximize your company’s success.

You will start with a consult to fully understand your needs, goals, and target market. You will then complete a Business / Personal Branding Questionnaire. Evelyn will then extrapolate all of your related brand information including your firm’s (and your) features, benefits, competitive edge, value proposition, return on investment, and matching achievements to your target market. Since career practitioner business and personal brands should generally co-exist together in your online presence, all is relative.


You will receive your full Business & Personal Brand Message in the forms of:

  1. (1)A Full-Page Branded Biography for use as Sell Sheet handouts, to post in the community, for email attachments to prospects, and more;

  2. (2)A Short Branded Biography for use in your Social Networking Profiles and anywhere a bio is needed, such as your website, brochures,
    speaking engagements, article by-lines, and more;

  3. (3)Your Elevator Pitch to use in all of your networking and sales calls in order to convert prospect calls into sales more often; and

  4. (4)A Branded Slogan / Tagline if needed to go along with your Logo (which she can also design or update for you should you need one).

Business Brand Content Writing

Once your Business Brand Message has been developed, you have a jumpstart in the content writing for your website, brochure, sell sheets, and other online and print marketing communication pieces. The remainder of the information contained in your website and print communications should also be written with your defined brand in mind. (Priced according to number of pages.)

Graphic Design of Your Business Branding Materials

If you select this option, your company communications pieces will be designed to brand your business image in the eyes of your target market. The colors, the look, and the feel of each of your marketing communications should coordinate to create a unified branded look to convey your brand so it is easily recognizable and remembered.

Business Branding to Build or Grow Your Business

Branding your company in the eyes of your target market is critical to its success. Prospects should be able to view your brand, recognize and remember it, and act on your value proposition.


Business Brand Message Package: $395

Add’l Content Writing: Email for Proposal

Graphic Design: Click for Rates



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Did You Know…

  1. 1.You have 7 seconds for your prospects to decide if they want to read or pass up your message?

  2. 2.If your design and headlines spark interest, you have 20 seconds for them to decide if they want to read more?

  3. 3.You have an unlimited amount of time If your prospect feels your content is right-on and pertinent to them?

  4. 4.You land more sales if your content contains all elements of your brand (your features, benefits, competitive edge, value proposition, return on investment, and matching achievements) as it compels them to call you?

  5. 5.It generally takes a prospect seeing a well-defined brand 5 times before they decide to purchase?

Your Branded Communications

Ad-agency and business-branding bred and a personal branding pioneer, Evelyn Salvador has been writing and designing successful brand campaigns and marketing communications for firms and careerists for two decades.

You can individually select the branding components you need (Brand Message, Content Writing, and/or Graphic Design) or she can handle your entire branding campaign.


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